[Cdt-l] Garmin POI's

frankgilliland at gmail.com frankgilliland at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 17:56:02 CST 2010

I have a "Ridiculously" large collection of Data Points. I have loaded them  
into my Garmin with great success. Most have been field checked. (See Past  
posts on this topic)

Contact me off List at:

frankgilliland at gmail dot com

and I can send any-one, all or parts of my files. I also have "Out of  
Orders" files in track form. (and other track files)

I am hoping that someone can take this data and post it somewhere......

Jerry Browns Colorado points are great (see next post)

But as you know, there are multiple paths along the CDT route and the trail  
is ever changing. So a point from last year could be off in the future. But  
having a "Back-bone" loaded into a gps can be a great second opinion when  
one becomes "Off-trail" Just knowing where a road crossing is or a major  
landmark, can make a huge difference.

Be safe out there.....

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