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Hi, Dave,

You can use POI's almost like waypoints but you have to click on them on the
gps display.  Turn on the gps, let it establish your location, then click on
one of the poi dots displayed on the map.  The dot will reveal the waypoint
name at that point.  Then you can do a GOTO and navigate to the point.  Not
as efficient as a track file or a waypoint, but manageable.  My issue with
POIs is that the label of the POI does not show on the display and you have
to select it in order to decipher it.  The advantage of POIs is that you can
load thousands of them. When we finish the project I intend to make a single
POI file for the entire trail and put it on the CDTA site.  I think it would
be helpful to a lot of people.  

I don't know a lot about recreational grade gps units, but I have a Garmin
Colorado unit that we use to test and verify our waypoint files before
putting them online. I am able to load tracks onto that unit from the SD
card.  I think this would be about the same for any of the newer ones that
display maps.  Here is the recipe: Use Mapsource to export the tracks to a
SD card. (select the card instead of a gps)  On the gps, clear out all the
tracks. Stick the card in the gps. Then use the GOTO function but select
tracks instead of waypoints.  There will be a list of all the tracks on the
card and pick the one you want.  I think you have to leave the card in the
gps to keep the track displayed.  

Hope you are doing well. What hike do you have planned for next summer?

best wishes,

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Yes you can store POIs on the Garmin SD card but how would you intend  
to use them?
You will have a huge file of points. With POI's you can only add a  
"Goto" of a POI one at a time.
So which of the thousands of points do you choose?
With storing Tracks you get the display of the track superimposed on  
your background map.
If you use a 1:25k map you get excellent detail and the little  
triangle shows where you are now and the track is displayed.
The problem with Garmin is that most models do not store enough  
tracks and allow enough waypoints on each track.
My Vista HCx only allows 20 tracks of 500 waypoints each.
My solution (not very elegant) is to split the CDT into Sections and  
then produce 20 tracks for each section. I use GPS Visualiser  
software (free) to split the tracks.
I find I retain enough detail with this method.
It would be great to be able to store a full SD card of tracks or to  
store a single larger track, large enough enough for the entire CDT.
However the Garmin design does not appear to enable the GPS to manage  
tracks in and out of the SD card.
If you have found a way to do this using POIs please post it.
Aussie Dave
Canberra Australia

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