[Cdt-l] Cell phones and other tech on the trail

Wayne Smith bumblefist at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 12:31:43 CST 2010

I just thought I'd add my own two cents on this topic.  I have no problem
with what ever people choose to carry on the trail, but I do believe that
some etiquette should be followed when using certain things in the
Nothing bothers me more than reaching a remote mountain top only to find
some other hiker gabbing away on a cell phone.  Perhaps it's just me, but I
find that it instantly destroys the feeling I have that I'm someplace remote
and disconnected from the world I left to be here.
My brain seems to have a way of feeling connected not just to the other
person standing on that remote mountain top, but also the person on the
other end of the phone conversation.
It is hard to explain.  It is as if an unconscious part of my brain is
recognising that there is a third person involved somehow in the situation
and my brain then tries to connect myself in a feeling of space to that
third person.  I no longer have the feeling that the rest of the world is
far away, I feel as if it is right there with me on that mountaintop.
I'm sure I'm not alone in experiencing these types of feelings around people
talking on cell phones in the wilderness.
I certainly do not think that people shouldn't carry cell phones, or any
other type of communicating device.  I would be very happy if I or someone
else was hurt and we had a way of calling for help, but I do believe that
it is simply good etiquette to not use them when other people are around if
you are just calling to chat.
Talking on that cell phone could be ruining someone else's wilderness

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