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Ditto from a local policeman. We gave a presentation on our hikes to local Rotary Club. As we left the building a member of the local police asked us if we carried a Spot. When we replied that we didn't he strongly recommended we start carrying one to aid SAR if we ever needed help. 

We bought one before the next hike.

I think my EMT son feels the same way. And he has started carrying our Spot on his 4-wheeler trips into areas around Death Valley.

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  One of the arguments both of my medical profession sisters used against my strong reluctance to take SPOT on the CDT was the time, money, and personal danger SAR teams might be put in traversing all the "options" we can take-you know what I mean...IF you can't extricate yourself (and I speak as a TC solo hiker)-and if it is important enough to survive, this argument for saving work on your behalf is pretty strong.
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