[Cdt-l] AZT to GDT route - can we see the KML file?

Benjamin Mayberry benmayberry at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 14:59:55 CST 2010

I agree that northbound is the psychologically easier direction of travel,
in terms of reaching the natural conclusions of several trails and also
because I can start my hike much earlier than if I were heading southbound.
Impatience is the worst.

I could send you the file or there are two other options for viewing the
route the way you're describing. On my own site, I have a page that allows
you to toggle layers. It's at http://benmayberry.net/spot/map.php?trip=4.
I'll be carrying a SPOT and once I'm actually hiking, this is where the
updates will be posted to. It's still under development to some extent so I
haven't linked to it anywhere on the site - once I'm hiking, it'll be linked
to on my site's home page. Your second option to is head to
www.postholer.com/gmap and toggle the trail to "AZT to GDT". If you'd still
like to download the file you can go to
http://benmayberry.net/azt_to_gdt3.kmz, which will immediately prompt a

La Nina will make this an interesting balance act. I need to leave the
Colorado Plateau before it becomes so hot and arid that hiking is nearly
impossible, but enter the Rockies late enough that I won't have hundreds of
miles of snow in front of me.

Thanks for the support,

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 11:09 AM, Brett <blisterfree at yahoo.com> wrote:

> The bad thing about an "AZT to GDT" route is that it skips all of
> beautiful New Mexico in favor of the much more extreme terrain of
> Arizona and Utah.
> The great thing about an "AZT to GDT" route is that it skips all of
> beautiful New Mexico in favor of the much more extreme terrain of
> Arizona and Utah!
> Bottom line, this trip is bound to be one heckuva wild ride.
> Psychologically I do think northbound would be the easier direction of
> travel, since you follow the Arizona Trail and Hayduke Trail to their
> natural conclusions, whereas southbound you're forced to prematurely
> abandon your extended love affair with the Continental Divide Trail, and
> the Divide in general.
> I daresay my own ambitions for a "Great Southwest Circle" seem downright
> tame by comparison. The "GSC" is still in the dreaming phase, though it
> appears this AZT to GDT route may have already planned out that vexing
> Hayduke to CDT connection that would be needed to link up these two
> trails with the GET and AZT to form a big loop of the region.
> Is there any chance we can get ahold of the KML file for the AZT to GDT?
> The Google Earth interface is great, but with the file we can overlay it
> on street and topo maps in order to see exactly where this puppy is
> headed. Note how Postholer.com lets you toggle between map types, and we
> can do that sort of thing in a program called TopoFusion as well.
> Thanks, and best of success. Keep an eye toward water conditions in the
> Southwest, as we're in a persistent La Nina that is likely to spell
> drier-than-average conditions this spring across Arizona, in
> particular.  (see the US Drought Monitor website)
> Lastly, I'm really excited for you. The sense of anticipation before
> embarking on a long route of your own making is almost otherwordly, and
> regardless of the outcome you won't emerge from the experience the same
> person. It's true for your first long hike, and it becomes true again
> when you're willing to voluntarily plunge into the unknown. And it's
> true, because all those early feelings of wonder and doubt and joy and
> fear and failure and success return once more, and the trail and nature
> herself become your master. Expect to play the role of apprentice;
> mapping a route and promoting it feels like empowerment but is actually
> a recipe for exposing oneself to the four winds of fate. And it is the
> greatest motivator for perseverance in the face of challenge I know of.
> - blisterfree
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> > A few months from now I'll be heading out on a 4,250 mile thru-hike of
> what
> > I'm calling the "AZT to GDT Route". It's a combination of four different
> > long-distance hiking routes that runs from the U.S.-Mexico border at the
> > Arizona Trail's southern terminus to deep in the Canadian Rockies at the
> > northern terminus of the Great Divide Trail. Its largest section is along
> > the Continental Divide Trail, which it follows for about 1,800 miles from
> > southern Colorado to Waterton Lakes.
> >
> > I figure everyone on the CDT-l might be interested in seeing this since
> it
> > is, as far as I know, a totally new route that incorporates the CDT. I've
> > really enjoyed reading about hikers that find new ways to make use of
> hiking
> > trails (i.e. not just hiking from end to end like everyone else - no
> offense
> > intended to any thru-hikers) and hope that others will find my hike
> > interesting for the same reason. There's lots of info on my hike at
> > http://benmayberry.net/adventures/azt-to-gdt and I'll be posting updates
> > there once I get started.
> >
> > If this doesn't interest you, I apologize for the spam. I've spent enough
> > time on the PCT-l and CDT-l to see worse crimes committed than shameless
> > self promotion, so I assumed this would be permissible.
> >
> > Happy holidays,
> > Ben Mayberry
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