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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 13:12:23 CST 2010

Let's not jump to inappropriate conclusions about the backcountry acumen 
of the rescued hikers. It's quite possible the ibex were actually to 
blame, having forcibly stolen their Spots at horn-point and absconded 
the gadgetry to their secret cave high in the mountains.

I carried a Spot once and the batteries merely died. But even a 
plain-living cowboy could return to camp to find that his horse has been 
beaten to death. Anything can happen out there.

- blisterfree

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> very true - but thats why we have SAR for the dumbies that have no knowledge - in NM SAR is free
> el coyote
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> Rather than a SPOT, it would have been better if they were somewhat knowledgeable and better prepared to hike in the Floridas.  That way, no rescue would have been needed endangering the lives of others.
> Sly
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