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Will Hiltz will.hiltz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 15:32:27 CST 2010

this is actually exactly right... the horses (which are NOT indigenous to
North America by the way) contribute to severe overgrazing... at least if
the BLM gives a grazing permit to a rancher they have some recourse if the
rancher isn't doing what he is supposed to be doing.  The statutes that the
BLM operates under mandate sustained yield for multiple use-- if theses
horses are creating unsustainable conditions then it is up to the BLM to do
something about it.  They are also worried about bucellosis transmission.  I
realize this is an emotional issue for a lot of people but this is on
balance a good thing for BLM lands along the CDT.


On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Steve McAllister
<brooklynkayak at gmail.com>wrote:

> > I would think that it's a land management situation where the horses are
> > eating everything
> And they have to make sure there is plenty of grazing for cattle:-)
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