[Cdt-l] Wild Horse Roundup

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Sun Dec 26 22:09:31 CST 2010

More information about the wild horse roundup is available at the following BLM 


The scoping notice there includes the following address for submission of comments:
DivideBasin_HMA_WY at blm.gov
(include "Divide Basin Scoping Comments:" in the subject line).

The BLM website also links to a 2007 environmental assessment for a very similar 

According to the map attached to the scoping notice, the roundup would not 
actually occur on lands actually traversed by the CDNST. However, it is close 
enough that horses in the affected area might easily roam in the area of the 
Trail, particularly from the Phelps Dodge Bridge (across the Sweetwater River) 
to Bison Basin Road.

One of the stated objectives of BLM for management of wild horses in this region 
is to "provide opportunity for the public to view wild horses."

Upon further reflection, it seems worthwhile for the Society to comment to BLM 
about the importance of taking into account the importance of affording CDT 
users the opportunity to enjoy the observation of wild horses in the Great 
Divide Basin.

The text of the governing statute can be found online by searching for "Wild 
Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971".

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