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the gila's are under blizzard conditions today and tomorrow - they are getting their first snow of the year - not like last years 400% above normal - la nina has been pushing everything north to CO

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I was fortunate enough to fly over the CDT this afternoon on my return from Christmas in Pennsylvania.
After the plane crossed Indiana there was a long spell of snow covered flats. Then in the distance I saw the Rockies.
The plane was headed for Las Vegas so we flew over the CDT in what looked like Southern Colorado.
Those snow covered crags gave me goose bumps. 
I was on the starboard side of the plane and through my window I could see the physical divide clearly.
I imagined a line of steps down there reaching from the Mexican border to that of Canada.
As great a vantage point as I had up at 38,000 feet, that line of steps still disappeared beyond the curve of the earth 
far to the north.
A little later we passed over the great expanse of the Grand Canyon. 
It made me wonder what it would be like to follow the course of the Colorado river from Baja to the Continental Divide.
Anyhow i don't know where i am gpoing with this post.
My heart is set on hiking the AT this March. It is something I want to do even more now after visiting Pennsylvania.
However I would be lying if I said I did not think about visiting all that country along the Continental Divide again.
The CDT ruined me! 
The PCT was so "established". 
The CDT was utter freedom.. Now I am going to hike the AT.. a fully blazed trail!
I mean, there seem to be actual shelters.. and you aparently don't really need maps on the AT.. Madness!
"The good news is: you are free.. the bad news is: you don't know what to do with your freedom!"-Joseph Campbell
I just wanted to share my happy CDT "sighting" from 38,000 feet today and all the crazy feelings it invoked.
Forgive my frivolous post.. but i don't know any other group of people who would understand.

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