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Re your "frivolous" post.  Put your feet on the ground.  They will find
their way.

Walt in Pennsylvania

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> I was fortunate enough to fly over the CDT this afternoon on my return from
> Christmas in Pennsylvania.
> After the plane crossed Indiana there was a long spell of snow covered
> flats. Then in the distance I saw the Rockies.
> The plane was headed for Las Vegas so we flew over the CDT in what looked
> like Southern Colorado.
> Those snow covered crags gave me goose bumps.
> I was on the starboard side of the plane and through my window I could see
> the physical divide clearly.
> I imagined a line of steps down there reaching from the Mexican border to
> that of Canada.
> As great a vantage point as I had up at 38,000 feet, that line of steps
> still disappeared beyond the curve of the earth
> far to the north.
> A little later we passed over the great expanse of the Grand Canyon.
> It made me wonder what it would be like to follow the course of the
> Colorado river from Baja to the Continental Divide.
> Anyhow i don't know where i am gpoing with this post.
> My heart is set on hiking the AT this March. It is something I want to do
> even more now after visiting Pennsylvania.
> However I would be lying if I said I did not think about visiting all that
> country along the Continental Divide again.
> The CDT ruined me!
> The PCT was so "established".
> The CDT was utter freedom.. Now I am going to hike the AT.. a fully blazed
> trail!
> I mean, there seem to be actual shelters.. and you aparently don't really
> need maps on the AT.. Madness!
> "The good news is: you are free.. the bad news is: you don't know what to
> do with your freedom!"-Joseph Campbell
> I just wanted to share my happy CDT "sighting" from 38,000 feet today and
> all the crazy feelings it invoked.
> Forgive my frivolous post.. but i don't know any other group of people who
> would understand.
> -Iceaxe
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