[Cdt-l] Complete on-line topo maps for the Big Sky variant- Butte Super Cut off

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 4 14:02:41 CST 2010

The Big Sky variant or Butte Super Cut off is a route that we hiked last year that travels from the CDT south of Yellowstone (at Two Ocean Pass) north to meet the CDT again north of Butte (at Delmoe Lake). It cuts out the Montana/Idaho border section of the CDT and travels through Yellowstone east and north boundaries, Gallatin Petrified Forest, Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Root mountains. It travels through some interesting and wild terrain. Others have hiked this way before.

The Onion mapped 13 topos of the north section of the route last year and I have finished 20 'Jonathan Ley style' maps for the south side. These are both available now to be downloaded on-line from a couple of web pages I put together. There is an overview map where you can click to open each of my individual topos and another map showing section mileages for the variant alongside the CDT . There is other info on maps to buy, photos and web links too. 

Hope you enjoy even if you aren't considering hiking this way. It was fun working on it.......


Brian and Martina
Black isle

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