[Cdt-l] GPS and TOPO! ready files (based on Jonathan's Google, Earth file)

Jack Haskel norcalhiker at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 18:23:55 CST 2010

"Frankly it'd be a lot easier to generate a reasonably accurate and comprehensive "GIS" of the CDT by referring to existing resources (maps, guidebook descriptions) and hand drawing a data set using Google Earth or TOPO!"
Heck yeah it'd be easier! I'm pretty sure that actually hiking the CDT would be kind of... hard.... :)

I'm the guy that mapped the PCT for Backpacker Magazine (backpacker.com/pct) so I'm one of the few that's collected a detailed track log and way point set for a long trail. Too bad that very few use the PCT data (and too bad that it was post processed in a less than useful way). The CDT project by the magazine is incomplete. They tried to have a bunch of teams of people map it, and it was never finished. Maybe I'll do my thing for the CDT? I'm not excited about the prospect and don't have the funds for the hundreds of dollars worth of lithium batteries. I took a bread crumb every 0.03 of a mile I think, and took a waypoint of a road, watersource, campsite, viewpoint, etc on average every mile. 


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