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How about CDY YMMV

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I'll admit it. I'm a real dork when it comes to trail patches. The fact
hat nobody offers a CDT completion rocker patch like the AT and PCT does
eems wrong, so I'm going to have my own printed up. You know what I'm
alking about, right? The rocker patch is the little mileage patch meant
o be displayed beneath the official trail patch. I post this to ask three
#1  Any opinions on what the patch should say? I'm thinking mileage, but
ow to gauge the miles I hiked? The AT rounds down to "2000 Miler" as does
he PCT "2600 Miler". I took the Anaconda cut-off, so I for sure didn't
ike 3000 miles, although the CDT is always called a 3000 mile trail and
000 is a nice round number. Which leads me to my next question;
#2  If I did have a bunch of these printed, who would want one? I think
he embroidery place will give a volume discount, but how to agree on
ctual miles hiked on that patch. Personally I don't care what ya hiked,
ut would it be more accurate to have it say "2800 Miler" or something?
#3  Any internet savvy folks search for a retailer that makes them small
nough? I found a few embroidery sites, but their curved rocker patches
re kinda big.
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