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Amtrak stops at East Glacier.  You can either hike one of the CDT routes through Glacier NP 

or head south through the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  Glacier is probably a better bet for hikers with limited experience, but you have to get a permit so it is a good idea to reserve early.  

The country is gorgeous.  All of the routes in Glacier are beautiful.  The trails through the Park 

are maintained (mostly) and easy to follow.  




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> Hey everyone, this is a fairly odd request but any help would be 
> greatly appreciated. Two of my friends and I have been on a fair 
> amount backpacking trips before, but have never really gone on our own 
> without the help of someone more experienced. However, we're looking 
> to do a trip this summer by ourselves, and were wondering if anyone 
> could tell us if we could find a good section of trail maybe 100-150 
> miles long that has an access point somewhere near any stop on the 
> Amtrak Empire Builder route. Once again, any help at all would be 
> appreciated, thank you.
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