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I second this.  Once you hike to Waterton, you can shuttle back to E. Glacier.  Last summer the park service was not taking hikers across the border (national security??), but an outfitter in Waterton takes hikers to the border.  You walk across and the park service shuttle is there ready for you!!  They do collect $ just for going into the park as well as the shuttle fee.  East Glacier has a very cheap hostel, inexpensive motels, a laundromat and great Mexican restaurant.  A great place to start and end your adventure.   Also by taking the train out, you can take along your pepper spray (unlike flying).  Take it.   Remember to take your passport!!   An alternative if you have no passport is to hike another trail that comes out right at the border - and the park service shuttle.
Yes you can get your Glacier permit early, but half are reserved of "walk ins".  We had to lay up at one spot, but the rangers worked with us and it was easy to plan out our trip once we were there.  Others who had gotten their permits months ahead still had problems since campsites may be closed at a moment's notice due to bear activity (which was the case in 2009- they ended up killing the bear)

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Amtrak stops at East Glacier.  You can either hike one of the CDT routes through Glacier NP 
or head south through the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  Glacier is probably a better bet for hikers with limited experience, but you have to get a permit so it is a good idea to reserve early.  
The country is gorgeous.  All of the routes in Glacier are beautiful.  The trails through the Park 
are maintained (mostly) and easy to follow.  


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> Hey everyone, this is a fairly odd request but any help would be 
> greatly appreciated. Two of my friends and I have been on a fair 
> amount backpacking trips before, but have never really gone on our own 
> without the help of someone more experienced. However, we're looking 
> to do a trip this summer by ourselves, and were wondering if anyone 
> could tell us if we could find a good section of trail maybe 100-150 
> miles long that has an access point somewhere near any stop on the 
> Amtrak Empire Builder route. Once again, any help at all would be 
> appreciated, thank you.
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