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I'm one of the few who still sew patches on my pack, my resume as someone  
said, a way of putting it I like. 
Okay, the ones I like best so far, for any trail, and for thru or  section 
    End to Ender (I think I like this one best, as a  generic.)
    All of It
    I Did It or I Hiked It
3000 Miler (for the CDT); in keeping with the AT & PCT  it should be a 
mileage patch. My CDT hike will be about 2,850-2,900 apparently,  but I'll hike 
at least 50 mi further in getting it done (scenic places, in  towns, to & fm 
the trail - all with pack on). Since the AT & PCT patch  miles are short of 
the true miles, I'll come out about even. 
Bob  "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
Naturalized Citizen - Republic  of Texas

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"End to  ender"  to include those who hiked it in sections.

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I'm in on that!  I am sure many others can be  convinced.  I am stumped on
what the rocker could say.  Perhaps  "Thruhiker" or something like  that.


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