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A system that worked for me in river crossings is this:  I would back a pair of extra sturdy insoles.  At a river crossing I would remove my boots and insert the insoles into my socks, then wade across.  On the other side I would wring the socks out and hang them on the back of my pack with the wet insoles, slip on a pair of dry socks and boots and keep on going.  The process is tiring on multiple crossings and I just plunge in with boots on.  

-RedDoug in Michigan 
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Hi Guys 
Thanks for your thoughts on the vapour barrier / wet / cold foot problem 
Its seems the consensus is to use 

plastic bags and/or sealskins (or some similar material) 

I must admit I was using bags in Washington when I was hiking with wet feet day after day. They did help me reach the next supply point but I guess my problems were made worse by using a non waterproof shoe. If I was using goretex runners with my big gaitors maybe my feet would have been a bit drier and not go so sore. 
As to the cold water crossings I guess I will just have to do as before....grit my teeth...emerge on the far bank and do some silly dancing to warm up! Yeah a couple of bin liners could help here although may give more drag in the current? 

One river crossing in the Sierra....early morning, I heard D&A crossing the water and Dan calling out in pain. I said to myself..'yeah what a sissy!'.....when I crossed myself, I quickly started calling out in pain......man that was some seriously cold water (and yes I am a sissy) 

Best of luck 

Dryfoot  / Andy West 


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