[Cdt-l] Wet foot = Cold foot / vapour barriers etc

Andrew West mountain739 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 19 03:06:36 CST 2010

Thanks for the comments guys. It seems as though there is no easy answer to my problem. I think maybe long thick waterproof sealskin socks may be the best solution...or possibly wet suit legs cut off! although these will be fairly heavy I suppose. 
I tried some thin neoprene socks in the sierra which let the water straight in (which I think they are designed to do).....they were a bit warmer than plastic bags and or wet wool socks but my feet were sliding about in the socks in a layer of mud! yuk
I think the insoles in the socks is a great idea.....bare foot crossing can certainly be dangerous
I have to say walking through nearly frozen soaking wet scrub for hours in running shoes that were soaking and near frozen kind of took the fun out of hiking!
Best of luck
Andy West


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