[Cdt-l] Wet foot = Cold foot / vapour barriers etc

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I respect everyone else's experience and advice on this thread. But for some reason I question, why hasn't anyone spoken a counterpoint? So, here it is...

On the pct and cdt I never had these problems of wet and cold feet, unless I had just walked through a glacial-fed creek. So, what did I do that hikers these days (as opposed to 1974 and 1980, respectively) don't do?

I can only imagine that it is the full-grain leather boots and liner and wool socks I wore. Cold feet is not a given. Go out in the worst of weather in the gear and footwear of your choice and decide for yourself what works best for you to solve this "problem." Start by taking other people's experienced advice, but don't stop there. Test all advice to see if it works for you. We're not all the same. This way you'll be better prepared for your trip and have a happier and safer time out there.

I've been teaching snow-travel skills to hikers since 1982 and have not had cold feet yet, but maybe that's just me....

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  I have come to accept that having cold, wet feet is a given on a long-distance trail.  It is certainly a reason not to romanticize the trail too much.  I had some "water proof socks" for Colorado and the Gila, and my feet still felt like blocks of ice.  One simply has to deal with it.  Have fun out there in 2010!




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