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Chris - 

That wasn't meant as a "correction" - more of an "opinion".  But I felt moved to answer 

because I've seen a LOT of the "running shoes are the only way to go" arguments over 

the last 20 years.  And I thought it might be time to point out that not all of us "can" 

do that.  Sometimes I wish I could. I'm not in a common group, though, so my opinion 

is what you might call a "minority report".   


IOW - don't get too much into mea culpa mode.  


Walk softly,





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Jim,   You're right. I stand corrected.  Just because I have been lucky enough to avoid frostbite and foot problems is no reason to give what may turn out to be irresponsible advice to someone who may not be so lucky.  Which upon rereading my comments is how it came out.  If I ever feel the need to "chime in" again, I'll give it a lot more thought first.  


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