[Cdt-l] Lazy Acres in Riverside/Encampment

Dylan Carlson carlsods at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 12:25:06 CDT 2010

We stayed at Lazy Acres last year.  Affordable camping and cabins.  They had
showers and towels.  A very nice owner, and close to meals and supplies.

Unfortunately, it was in Riverside, while the Post Office was a mile away in

PS: Bring cash for this town-stop.  I don't remember an ATM, although I did
get cash at the PO.

Dylan Carlson
CDT nobo 2009

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> Encampment/Riverside WY Beta
> Howdy Partners! (John Wayne Accent)
> I just got back on trail after a ridiculously quick visit to town thanks to
> a local.
> I want to let you know as per Gary (local) the Mountain Grocery is no
> longer a grocery.. Just a liquor store.
> I was able to resupply at Sinclair's in Riverside though. Reasonable prices
> and nice folks there. They have Fritos, Pop Tarts, Hamburger Helper, candy,
> Granola Bars, soup mixes, cheese, and dang good coffee.
> The Bear Trap Cafe and Cabins no longer has Cabins as per Gary.
> The Bighorn Lodge is open.
> I did not find out anything about the Lazy Acres.
> I had a really lucky hitch but if you have trouble at the pass there is a
> vista point just 500 feet NoBo on HWY 70. It might be a good place to Yogi a
> ride.
> Cheers-Iceaxe
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