[Cdt-l] Monida Pass-Mack's Inn

Ron Dobra ghsron at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 15:01:34 CDT 2010

Howdy...finally starting the missing middle section skipped last year
(re:idiot hiker's lost pack)...the Centennials are fairly clear of snow
(except around Taylor Mtn.) if not blowdowns...especially, as Jonathan
states, from Pete's Creek to Aldous Lake...a bit confusing around Blair Lake
as there is new CDT marked trail all the way to Lillian Lake before the
Mack's Inn turn off. The walk up Hell Roaring Canyon is a real slog....the
FS road down from Sawtelle Peak was a fast walk down to the highway (the
Wolf alternative didn't sound appealing)-Sawtelle Resort a good place
($69)-good store and restaurant. Mike and Connie at Mountain View (Lima, MT)
are in the top tier of hosts...on to Yellowstone, where the ranger gave me a
hassle free itinerary of my choice phoned in this morning. Sweet.
zen quake
Ron Dobra, Greenville, Maine
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