[Cdt-l] Water Report J. Ley WY34

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Fri Jul 9 19:39:05 CDT 2010

Water Report J. Ley WY34 Note #4
This is the start of the Great Basin Divide NoBo and the first water source out of Rawlins.
Fish Pond Spring about 12 miles North of town. There is a solar well here and three small cisterns. I found the two cisterns by the solar panel to be half full (20+ gallons each) of crystal clear water. The third cistern, out in the field below the panel, is about 1/4 full and water is visibly flowing into it at about 2 liters per minute Good tasting, clear, cold water.
Just FYI the stock pond over the hill and towards the highway is full so there is no doubt plenty of water at this source.
P.S. Watch out for ticks in this section. The off trail grassy areas are where I found them. They don't seem to like DEET too much though so don't ditch your repellant yet. And Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Elk Club for the donation that made this CDT water source possible.
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