[Cdt-l] Water Report J. Ley WY28

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Jul 11 09:22:18 CDT 2010

Water Report J. Ley WY28
Point #1 Brenton Springs is flowing like a small stream. Good clear tasty spring water!
There is also some water in pools along the road/trail just after the spring. The whole area is pretty damp and green right now.

*Warning*- The whole area past the road to Jeffrey City to Brenton springs is Tick infested. Having not seen a tick all day I picked up 9 ticks in the 3.7 miles from the road to the spring. I made a ring of DEET around my calf below the knee and that seemed to stop them from climbing until I could pick 'em off and squash them. A couple of fellow CDT'ers might have gotten sick from tick bites in this area so be careful friends.
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