[Cdt-l] Zirkel Area Closure

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Wed Jul 14 19:46:38 CDT 2010

Voyageur's July 10 entry on Postholer reports that part of the CDT in 
northern Colorado has been closed because of beetle hazards. The 
official route that descends from the Divide past North Lake to the 
North Lake Trailhead  is closed. (This is Northern Colorado Supplement 
Zirkel Sec. 2,  9.6-3.3.) NOBO, you would remain on the Divide on 
Wyoming Trail 1101  past the junction with Three Island Lake Trail 1163 
to Gold Lake Trail 1164, then descend west past Slavonia to Seedhouse. 
(This is Northern Colorado guidebook Zirkel Sec.3:2.7 to Zirkel Sec. 
2:0.2.) SOBO, you would take the road east to Slavonia, go up Gold 
Creek, then south along the Divide.

The temporary relocation is a very nice route. Note, however, that 
camping restrictions are in effect in the immediate vicinity of Gold Lake.

Thanks, Voyageur, for the heads-up.

Jim Wolf

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