[Cdt-l] Pinedale Beta + Might be my Favorite Town

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Fri Jul 16 18:31:51 CDT 2010

A little more info on Pinedale.
True to Yogi's guide the Mountain View Motel gives CDT'ers a special deal. They keep a register and go out of their way to welcome us. Also the folks at the visitor center are superb, even letting me use the phone due to the payphones all being busted (What is the deal with the Payphones? Are the being removed as some sort of conspiracy? Ha!)
Anyhow, Falers General store is now Ridleys Supermarket and that explains the discrepancy. It even has a butcher and Bakery department.
The Library is open 10am-5PM and 7-9PM weekdays and Sat 10-5 Sun Closed.
This Library is beautiful featuring 8 Spanking new space age Apple computers and Two New HP's running Vista. The only downfall is that during the middle of the day the internet connection slows WAAY down and I was unsuccesful at uploading pictures during that time.(The staff say it happens everyday.. Hmm perhaps tied in with the payphone conspiracy!) I will try again this PM. However all other internet stuff works great.
The China Gourmet restaurant serves excellant Egg-Fu-Young and at $8.95 it is quite a good deal. Most entrees were about that price.
I had two offers of rides back to the trail while walking down Pine street and wearing my pack!
The Great Outdoors Outfitter has maps but not the one that covers the Togwotee Lodge trail route(to avoid the hitch)
And since Yellowstone wants my $20 reservation fee AND a phone call from Togwotee Lodge or Dubois(The ranger was specific) before they make my resevation a permit this means I must hitch down to the lodge and call or somehow cajole the folks at Brooks Lake to allow me to use their phone.
Not complaining here but just FYI.. The ranger, Brandon, at the Yellowstone Backcountry office told me directly that it is NOT illegal to hitch in Yellowstone National Park. So walking the 27 miles into the park and then hitching down the road to Grant villiage to the back country office (Duh, like I was gonna do!) is a legal option. Apparently I could have saved 20 bucks doing this instead of the "right" thing. The only caveat is I got to name the exact campgrounds I wanted and basically set up a thru hiker friendly schedule through the park. If you leave it to the last minute, ie. Show up in Grant, they could possibly be less flexible about your schedule. 
Anyhow that was my drama filled zero day activity this afternoon. 
Now I am gonna go raid that brand new supermarket and I sure hope they have Ben&Jerry's Pistashio icecream! They have a great produce section but that stuff is for the rabbits!
Oh yea, when I went to the visitor info center they took me over to the local newspaper office, it seems I am going to be in the Sublette Examiner.
I tried to portray us as harmless, starving, happy, homeless folks on a journey of self discovery and noble purpose... Uh, okay maybe just as starving hiker trash!
Seriously the folks here are really interested in hikers and want to talk to us. If you do come here be ready to say hello to everyone you meet cause they will all smile and say hello to you.
Oh yea, the visitor center has a stuffed Grizzly bear in the lobby and some really great free maps covering the overview of Yellowstone and the Tetons.
Anyhow.. I am starving already, Chinese food is great for thru hikers cause you can eat right away again, and again.
One more thing, there are about five bars in this town and several are set up like old west saloons. I only wish I had a crew of hikers here to hit the town with. By myself I just have no thirst for drinking.
Anyhow, Cheers-Iceaxe(Soon to be blissing out on icecream)

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