[Cdt-l] trail conditions between Chama and Ghost Ranch

lwgear at juno.com lwgear at juno.com
Sun Jul 18 10:49:18 CDT 2010

In a couple weeks I'll be southbound on the trail between Chama and Ghost Ranch. Can any northbounders or others who recently did that section tell me if the trail is well-marked for the Border and Brazos Ridge Reroute, Lagunitas and Hopewell Lake reroutes as well? Or did you end up just following the old route Jim Wolf describes in his Northern New Mexico guide?  
Put more simply, how easy is it to get from Cumbres Pass to US 64?
I've made the mistake of following reroutes that then suddenly dead-end.
Thanks...lynne whelden (out on the trail now in CO)

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