[Cdt-l] J. Ley WY10 Sheridan Pass

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Tue Jul 20 09:02:32 CDT 2010

This is not a complaint. If I were a whiner I would not be out here. I just want to let my fellow map and compass CDT'er buddies know that the CDT in the Sheridan Pass area is a piece of work.
As per Jonathan Ley there are CDT markers that are actually marking snowmobile trails instead of our route.
I know you don't need my help to get through but I just want to give you notice that it really is true.
Luckily I saved a bit of my sense of humor for this morning!
Hey, it's the CDT!
Embrace the meaningless route markings!
Wait.. I can hear music.. I think it's the theme song to  Monty Python playing in the distance.
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