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it's so surprising to hear that about hikers - ALL of them are so nice when they are here - maybe some get meaner the farther north they go lol

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Apparently, some hikers in the past have bauked at the fee for holding boxes and 
someone also complained about his prices.  Perhaps these ungrateful people don't 
realize how much work it is for someone in the backcountry to go get that hiker 
ox and stow it, also to haul in food and supplies. 
According to what we heard last year, the final straw for the owner was that a 
iker broke in to the lodge to get his box when the owner was not there. If that 
is the case, I don't wonder that he got fed up.  Too bad, as the location is 
deal and I've heard otherwise nice things about Big Sandy as a rest stop.
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What the heck did those "previous" CDT hikers do anyways?!
>From what I can find out, Yogi's guide, the Ley Map comment, some prev CDT'er 
really pissed Big Sandy off to the point they don't want to deal with any of 
hen I passed through there I was sorely tempted to go talk to those people, 
ust try and fix things. But I know from previous experience sometimes it is 
est to "let sleeping dogs lay".
till, without giving away identities, Does anyone know what the heck happened? 
ould be a lesson for future and present hikers.
esides the gossip factor is just plain to juicy to ignore.. Oh, did I write 
hat or think it?
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