[Cdt-l] Hwy 26-287 Construction Info WY09

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Tue Jul 20 18:19:12 CDT 2010

This is regarding HWY 26-287 on J.Ley 09
If you take the Lava Mountain or other eastern alternates you will encounter large scale road construction along the highway right when where the forest roads 300750 and 357 cross it.
They are shuttling cars through in groups using a pilot car. This might impact your ability to get a hitch from there as it is down to one lane and the cars are all crammed bumper to bumper as they go by.
However, a section hiker I met had no trouble hitching to Dubois from Togwotee Lodge and back saying he only waited 1/2 hour.
Anyhow I sent a box to Brooks lake which is just off the "snowmobile" trail that starys directly across the construction zone from where FS300750 reaches hwy 287.
The trail is in the gully just to the right of where you cross NoBo. And just like Jonathan Ley said.. It is marked as CDT!
Anyhow this traffic delay might work to your advantage. Perhaps just around the corner, towards Dubois or up the Hwy towards Togwotee the stopped cars will have a chance to "think about it" and give you a ride.
PS. There is a great spot on FS300750 just 1 mile prior to reaching HWY287 to take a bath. I am not sure if the trout were just sleeping or if my filth stunned them but they never moved the whole time I was in the water!

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