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 About a week before I got to Big Sandy in 2008 a hiker arrived and found no one about.  He "saw" his package through a window and decided to "get" it.  He broke a vintage screen that the owner said could not be replaced.  Even with great apologies to the owner (by myself and other hikers) that the B and E hiker did not represent the hiker community at large, the damage was done.  It was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  He owner also relies on pack trips and had had numerous anti horse comments from hikers.   That being said, we were treated nicely and found it a wonderful stop.




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What the heck did those "previous" CDT hikers do anyways?!

>From what I can find out, Yogi's guide, the Ley Map comment, some prev CDT'er 

really pissed Big Sandy off to the point they don't want to deal with any of us.

When I passed through there I was sorely tempted to go talk to those people, 

just try and fix things. But I know from previous experience sometimes it is 

best to "let sleeping dogs lay".

Still, without giving away identities, Does anyone know what the heck happened? 

Could be a lesson for future and present hikers.

Besides the gossip factor is just plain to juicy to ignore.. Oh, did I write 

that or think it?


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