[Cdt-l] Found Sages camera!

Louis Maurer ironmaurer at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 24 15:48:56 CDT 2010

Sage, I tried sending a message to your yahoo account a few weeks back but got no response so I assumed it got lost in the e-mail continum somewhere.  Here is the story of your camera that I sent you.  I hope that the trail has been treating you well.  We are off for a few days visiting friends in boulder, co but will be back tuesday.  Have fun in wy and we are still hoping to see you somwhere along the way.


Sage, thats right, we actually found it.  We took a picture of where we found you camera but that may have to wait for another time.  It was an extremely random and obscure spot.  It went something like this.  We were walking through a field of sage brush just after you get out of the box canyon from ghost ranch.  The trail is faint there and its hard to tell if its trail or drainage.  At one point I noticed the trail getting faint so I slowed and noticed that it looked better if we hopped the drainage to the right which jasmine did and viola! just as she hopped the drainage she noticed the camera under a sage bush.  Must have fallen out as you hopped over.  Imagine the chances that we would walk the exact same footsteps and see it.  We mailed the whole thing to this address, 20 Ramona Ave, El Cerrito, CA. 95430.  I hope that works for you.  You must excuse our nossyness but we looked at the pics and what a crazy big rattle snake you saw.  How big was it do you think?  Ok, off to the post office before it closes.  Happy to be of service and let the good karma continue.
Lou and Jaz
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