[Cdt-l] Hot Lava! Knapsack Col a little cold? & Lou & Jas, thanks for being keen & awesome!!

sage Clegg sageclegg at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 16:54:21 CDT 2010

Hi Everyone-
  I am writting from Brooks Lodge, getting ready to head towards yellerstone... 
A few things:
Hot Lava- you know, the game everyone plays when you are a kid, you fall off the 
rocks and your foot disolves, but you hop and hop from rock to rock.. well, if 
you want to play a lovely round of Hot Lava, take the Lava Mountain route! I 
just got to play for about three hours on actual lava rocks! I didn't see any 
Griz like Iceaxe, but was pretty happy with my rock hopping time. The only 
difference w/ this game of hot lava than when I was a kid was that my imaginary 
consequences were not in the cards- no disolving foot when I fell off. But do 
beware, you cannot just say "re-do" to magically heal a sprained ankel or a 
skinned knee, so be careful on all those rocks!

Camera- Lou & Jas, you two are my heros & I don't know what happened to the 
email I sent in reply, but my camera is at my sister's house and the photos will 
someday make it to facebook, so be ready to see those big snake pics again. I 
cannot thank you enough! I tried to send you a magic barbie camera from Walmart 
in Frisco, but the cash register scanner thingy wouldn't ring it up and the lady 
wouldn't give it to me for free... someday I will be able to return a fraction 
of the karma I hope..

Kanpsack Col- Has anyone gone over it this season? I got up into the titcomb 
basin, walked out onto a snow field and took one look at the cornice extending 
well into what looked like verticle rock on the north end and turned around to 
walk the 15 miles to cube rock pass. Sad. I wish I had more guts. If anyone out 
there has gone over it with success I would love to hear about it!
Ok- off to hopefully not drown in Buffalo Creek- assuming it's a go since Iceaxe 
is still typing to the CDT-l!
happy trails!

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