[Cdt-l] Yellowstone Permit Beta

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Jul 25 17:13:13 CDT 2010

Hey CDT'ers!
I just had a great conversation with Robert at the Backcountry office. He suggested the same thing I have been thinking. We CDT hikers really don't mind sharing a site with folks and it is kinda ridiculous to reserve a whole 1/2 acre for an ultralight thru hiker setined to simply crash at 7PM and be up and gone by 7 AM..
He is going to suggest that a comment can be added to site reservations so that folks can indicate if they are willing to share a site either with a thru hiker or otherwise.
This could alleviate the scheduling problems for CDT'ers.
Hey, they are very accomodating and he said if you give them a chance they WILL find walk-ins a site somewhere.. They are not going to turn you away.
Anyhow 8C9 at the south entrance is almost never used and easy to get. It's nice and on the banks of the Snake river. 8S1 is on the shore of Shoshone lake and has 4 tent sites. This is mostly a kayak/canoe destination but a shared site so it also might be easy to get.
Cheers Y'all and enjoy the Shoshone Geyser Basin!

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