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thanks for the noodlehead sighting - they are great and special people - they did pie town to the border which is when we met - I have no way to contact them - soooooo, if anyone sees them again see if they have an email address please

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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I just ran into the Noodleheads, my first SoBo thru-hikers!
he are just coming from Mack's Inn along the road, out of water, and I am just 
oming down the road towards Mack's .. Out of water!
he amazing thing is we were all pretty sure it is the wrong road! LOL!
nyhow they are doing great and I delivered Trainwreck's message to them from 
he ADZPCTKO... "CDT!" 
ow my first SoBo's!
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