[Cdt-l] J. Ley MT68 note #4 UPDATE

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Fri Jul 30 13:59:19 CDT 2010

J. Ley MT68 Note #4
Hey, just a bit south west of #4 where trail 004 meets trail 039 there has clearly been major work done to both the trailhead and trail 039 "Alduous-Hancock lakes trail. There are two campsites with fire rings,grills, picnic benches and steel bear proof food storage lockers. The trailhead has a brand new sign that mentions the CDT and a trail register. That little stretch of road only visible for one square on the topo is actually a decent trailhead road as I met some dayhikers and they had driven a compact car up it to get there.
Trail 039 from this trailhead northbound is very well maintained and clearly Alduous lake at 1.3 miles distant is a major dayhike/picnic destination.
Anyhow, just and FYI for folks in case you need a "bail out" option due to injury or illness, I think this trail head, being that it's so well travelled, would work.
 The Delorme atlas kinda shows it, perhaps that dirt road along Ching creek. Anyhow, folks with support might be able to use this road/trail head. 

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