[Cdt-l] How to get to start for SOBO?

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This is easy: take a plane to either Seattle or Spokane (depending on cost,
the train from Seattle stops in Spokane), then train to East Glacier. From
East Glacier you can use park transportation to get to the trailhead.
Glad to see you back in business!

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Hi everyone,

Confidence about a CDT sobo is building every day. My blisters from  
the aborted nobo in April are healed but I need to get into shape.

One question is .... bus, train or plane? That is from Maine.

Bus to Whitefish is fairly inexpensive but need to get to Glacier NP.

Train to East Glacier is almost 3X bus. I understand that there is a  
shuttle to Glacier NP.

Plane to Seattle/Spokane is relatively inexpensive but need to get to  
Glacier NP.

Any help will be appreciated,

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