[Cdt-l] J. Ley co37 note 2

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Jun 6 10:58:06 CDT 2010

One more note about J. Ley co 37.
It appears that a new trail has been built down from the CDT. If you look on the map just above El Dorado lake a mine is marked. The new trail is compsoed of switchbacks from this mine directly uphill eastward to the CDT. There is a brans spanking new sign on the CDT that reads "CDT" and Elk Creek Trail (CT). You'll find this new junction about 1/2 mile north of peak 12,924 along the CDT. 
It is a beautifully built section.. That is what I could see of it that was not snow covered.
Very friendly chipmunk at the dilapidated mine house too. 

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