[Cdt-l] Mapping the CDT

Jack Haskel norcalhiker at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 18:47:21 CDT 2010

Hey Everyone!

       I'm in a coffee shop, immersed in maps right now. I'm drawing the route, and the Ley map numbers on the Delorme pages. And it's got me thinking about maps. 

I'm mapping the CDT this year. I leave in about a week, heading SOBO. I intend to thru. As with my PCT 2006 hike, I'm a map correspondent for Backpacker Magazine. No, I don't per-say "work" for them. But I am getting a stipend to bring back a track log and waypoint file of the entire trail. The final product will be much like what I did for the PCT (backpacker.com/pct). My main hope is that it'd be something that other thruhikers might like to use. There are so many issues to consider with a project like this, and I'd like to hear people's comments and requests. The track log will be available to all, for free. 

I will be using a general commercial unit, so it won't be as precise as a professional GPS. I intend to waypoint most things I find to be significant. Water, where it's scarce. Roads and trails. Certain camps, berry patches and views. Volcanic flows, outfitters and picnic tables. You know, a LOT. Of course, it'll be of my hike. HYOH. I'll be no purist, but the project will likely motivate some of my decisions. And still, I think that a ground truthed track and waypoint (POI?) file will be useful. My intention is not to step on anyone's toes. Jonathan, if you want any of it for your maps, I'd likely be ok with that. Out of Order, any advice? CDTA, you're mapping too right? That's awesome! 

So, mavens of the CDT: I'm introducing myself. I can be snooped upon at outside365.com I'm arriving in Glacier on the 13th. I will likely be carrying a spiffy new GPS that sends text messages. 

     Hike on,
          Jack Haskel

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