[Cdt-l] Fw: San Juan Snow Conditions

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 7 03:45:19 CDT 2010

Great shots George, I like the October ones from last year which look to make for some quite grim hiking!



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Thanks for those photos! I agree, that snow doesn't look like much of a problem. The SOBO photos on the other hand. Ugh! Hopefully it won't be like this year!!

    Thanks again,

On Jun 6, 2010, at 10:56 PM, George Brewster wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I hiked Southbound last year, and have the good fortune of having 
> recently moved to Ouray CO, which is about 15 miles as the crow flies 
> from the trail in the San Juans. I just made a reconissance mission up 
> to Stony Pass, which is on the CDT about 5 miles north of where you can 
> take the trail into Silverton.
> To give an idea of the snow situation, here are a couple photos from 
> Saturday (June 5), taken from the summit of Canby Mountain (just N of 
> Stony Pass). Generally, the snow didn't seem too bad. Certainly plenty 
> of it around, but quite patchy, and probably not too hard to avoid. 
> Also, it's been melting really fast, as it's been quite hot, and the 
> heavy dust layer on the snow really speeds up the melt.
> Looking SE along the CDT (Rio Grande Pyramid prominent on the left):
> http://brewster.org/gallery/george/2010/cdt_sanjuan/P1080177.JPG.html
> Looking NE along the CDT:
> http://brewster.org/gallery/george/2010/cdt_sanjuan/P1080179.JPG.html
> And, just for fun, here's a couple shots of what it looked like when the 
> SB crew was going through in early October last year:
> http://brewster.org/gallery/george/cdt/P1040297.JPG.html
> http://brewster.org/gallery/george/cdt/P1040535.JPG.html
> Also, I'd love to help out some of you hikers, so if you're going to be 
> doing the San Juan route (which you really should) and want to come off 
> near Silverton, let me know. I managed to get my Subaru right up onto 
> the trail as Stony Pass, so If we set up a date, I could pick up 3 
> people at the trail, feed you, let you stay in my apartment, do laundry, 
> etc, and drop you back off there the next day. Might be a little hard to 
> work out timing for a rendevous, and it will be subject to my work 
> schedule, but let me know and we'll give it a try -- email or give a 
> call at 617 eight nine four 5657.
> -George
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