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Nice - except for the 5 days you may have aged in a few seconds. I'll be  
heading S from E Glacier Pk on the 26th. What do trail conditions in that 
area  look like? The trail S of Morias Pass is generally in the 5-7,000 
elevation as I  recall.
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Mrs Gorp and I hitched  up to Morias Pass this morning to do a 14.8 mile 
walk back to East Glacier  since our permit to start south from Chief Mountain 
isn't until  Sunday.

We were only a little over a mile and got to watch a large  moose feeding 
in Three Bear Pond.

It was at the four mile mark that I  had my first two experiences with 
grizzlies on this trip. It took only four  miles!!  :-)

Mrs Gorp was walking behind me and had just stopped  to take a picture of a 
glacier lily.  We had been talking, so I didn't  expect to see anything.  I 
had only walked about 30 to 40 feet and was  watching my footing to get 
through a wet area when I heard the bear huffing at  me.  I looked up to see a 
sow grizzly and a year old cub.  The cub  was running away and the sow was 
charging me.  When the cub ran past the  sow, she stopped charging.  She was 
about 20 yards from me at that  point.

Like I said....that didn't take long!!

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