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I think your plans are just fine.  Hiking thru Yellowstone in 2008, I encountered no rangers.  I had my "permit", but kept getting to my spots too early and ended up camping in different areas.  I had my stories ready - "missed site", "someone scary there" etc.  Didn't need the stories.  Did call ahead and reserved an expensive room at the Old Faithful area since that is always a zoo.  The back country sites were not full and even though I set them up pre hike, I called and changed them with no problem.  Just important to have the permit I think.  If you are heading north you can make a call in Debois - that's about a week from the park.

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So here I am in Salida CO and my logical nature is trying to upset my irrational 
ide by planning things a month in advance again.
s far as Yellowstone goes, as far as I can surmise the approach I am taking is 
o camp just outside the park boundary and then hike in the 25 miles and present 
yself at the ranger station and ask for a permit.
s this enough planning?
hould I call ahead even though I really have no exact date nor wish to be 
inned down this early anyhow.
id I just answer my own question?
hanks for any sage advice in advance.
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