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I saw only one ranger at a Ranger Station on the whole cdt.  The rangers are out working.  By the time you see a ranger at Old Faithful, you will only have one night in the park (or zero nights if you stay in Old Faithful and hike out of the park the next day.)  The permit system is part of the bear management system in the parks.  I'm a little cynical about the regulations but was able to guess all but one of my campsites.  (Yellowstone and Glacier)


For nobos, you should call from Dubois.  You will need to predict a couple nights ahead, and of course the nights in the park.  


I can't wait to find how lucky you were hitching back to Monarch Pass.  Hitching down was one of my fastest and up was one of my longest, and I didn't even brag about getting down.  

Wishing you well.  


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> So here I am in Salida CO and my logical nature is trying to upset my irrational side by planning things a month in advance again.
> As far as Yellowstone goes, as far as I can surmise the approach I am taking is to camp just outside the park boundary and then hike in the 25 miles and present myself at the ranger station and ask for a permit.
> Is this enough planning?
> Should I call ahead even though I really have no exact date nor wish to be pinned down this early anyhow.
> Did I just answer my own question?
> Thanks for any sage advice in advance.
> -Iceaxe
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