[Cdt-l] Benchmark Ranch Hiker Shelter idea

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 12:43:36 CDT 2010

This is a great hiker stop. I sent a box here last year on my hike.  The family was so gracious and let us take a shower (for a modest $5), and cook while we got our stuff organized.  It is such a needed hiker stop in the backcountry.

Darwin and Shellie, keep us informed via this CDT list what you end up planning. A small shelter area/tent spots would be great. I guess the biggest issue is how to retrieve hiker boxes, so anything you build that makes this both easier on you and easy for the hiker to retrieve if you are not in residence would be good. I realize you have to protect against bears. When we arrived, our boxes were in the bear boxes on the porch and Barbara was there. But, I know some people have gotten mixed up with arrival dates, and missed their boxes! 

Once you know what you are doing, definitely post what you need and I will be glad to send a donation (indicate how we make the donation and where to send it).  THANKS so much for continuing this service.

I certainly recommend that CDT hikers take advantage of Benchmark and support the Heckmans.  We cannot take for granted these backcountry services and need to ensure that they continue.  


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