[Cdt-l] Another update for the San Juans-and a plug for Lake City!!

sage Clegg sageclegg at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 17:17:47 CDT 2010

Hi folks- Just came through the San Juans and felt quite a bit more relaxed than I did in the South San Juans. The snow seems to be shrinking by the minute. It was fun to have my iceaxe for a few glissades, but I sent it home with two priority mail boxes today here from Lake City- back to the treking poles! 
Lake City is a wonderful stop- I stayed with Ahab over at the Elk Horn RV resort and they even had a large bottle of lotion in the womens bathroom- perfect because my legs are so dry the skin might just crack and fall off- anyone else getting this high alpine skin dehydration syndrome? The Backcountry basecamp seems to be closed, or maybe they are just full because of the race tomorrow. Most of the places to eat shut at 8, the healthfood store is gone, but the country store has elk and bison summer sausage from a local ranch- YUMMM! 
   The Mean Jean Coffee shop not only has amazing cinnimon rolls, but has a computer for public use and an owner who had an epic section hike on the PCT back when Mt. St. Helens blew it's top. This town is EXCELLENT!! Hard to pry away, but Salida is only 100 miles away. Gotta hit the trail again, just after one more pastry and another flush of the toilet. 
Happy Hiking everyone!!
PS- Keith & Aussie Dave- Thanks for trying with my camera! I went up towards the "Box" Canyon out the back of Ghost Ranch and cut up the left fork of the drainage before can #5 (stupid move, got lost for 2 hours..). I think the camera is sitting by a waterfall to the southwest of the trail near its ascent due west of the box canyon (where I finally got found again..). Keith- hope that Menudo is treating you well & give Mary a hug for me!

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