[Cdt-l] Mt. Elbert Summit

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Congratulations on your high Point.  Note, Elbert, and most of the other 14'ers you pass are slightly off the Continental Divide.  The second coolest summit is San Louis.  It is the easiest 14'er on the cdt and one of the hardest logistically for those traveling by car.  


The highest point actually on the Continental Divide is Grays peak.  The CDTA, with some support from Jonathan, is trying to promote the Grays official route.  I would like to hear from those how accept the challange.  The issues are 1) long time above treeline, 2) somewhat of a minor scramble on the south side, and 3) a slight detour to resupply (by bus).  You can even do the Starbucks cutoff (the paved bike path around the beautiful Gore Range Trail) and still do Grays.  I would also like to hear from others than Iceaxe, he is having too much fun.


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> Summit Mt. Elbert reached!
> Thanks to Jonathan Ley for suggesting this side trip!
> 14,433 feet and the Highest Point along the CDT and my secomd 14'er of my life!
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