[Cdt-l] rocker patches!

lint at riseup.net lint at riseup.net
Tue Mar 9 12:15:03 CST 2010

So here's the deal;

I bought 50 of each rocker patch, one for the Colorado Trail and one for the
Continental Divide Trail. The CDT patch says "END TO END" and the CT patch
says "500 MILER", and both are designed to fit underneath their official
respective trail emblem patch.

With this quantity, I was able to get them for $1.72 each. The PCTA SELLS
theirs for $1.25, but this is obviously because they bought MANY more and
got a way better price break. In deciding what to charge for these, I
decided a flat $2 is best for two reasons. It's a round number (if anyone
wants to just mail me cash), and I won't feel any guilt in making money
off this endeavor. 28 cents seems like a reasonable profit for all the
craziness I had to do to get these. Good grief.

So! If you'd like any, mail me cash, check or money order to;

Lint Bunting
812 SE 45th ave
Portland, OR 97215

When you order, please include some notes as to what you want, ie; "I'd
like 2 CDT and 1 CT, plus 4 stickers." The stickers are the HIKER TRASH
stickers I have left over. They're $1.50 if anyone wants some. Also, you
must include a self addressed stamped envelope!

I'll be leaving to hike in a few weeks, so if you want to order something,
please get it in the mail now! Also, there are only 50 of each, so if you
have a hiking buddy who might want one, let them know before they're gone.
I will NOT be ordering more. I'd post a pic of them, but I don't know how
to do it, and Chigger is out of town so I can't ask her to to it.



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