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*I have to agree with Trew.  I had the same problem reading the guidebook
written for a sobo, but I was lucky to have Taylor along who did very well
reading it "backwards".  I think it's Taylor who has the real problem!!  ;-)

We've only done NM so far, but plan on finishing the rest of the Trail this
year.  I had a Plantar Fasciitis problem last year that was getting bad by
the time we got to Chama.

I found four things worked very well for Taylor and me;

1; Ley's maps with a compass were very valuable!!

2; Wolf's books helped, but Taylor had to decipher for a nobo and tell me
what to look for. ( Remember...she's the one with the problem)  We are
planning to walk south this year, so I'll be able to understand the
guidebooks and look forward to using them.

3; I had a GPS which came in handy at times.  There was a couple times when
I would have been wrong following just Ley's map or Wolf's guidebook or the
GPS.  ( The GPS sometimes showed an obscure 2-track, but not a better
improved road)

4; Using common sense.  Sometimes each of the ones listed above didn't make
sense by themselves, but by stopping and thinking about all three pieces of
information and using common sense, we would end up making the right

We had no real problems navigating through NM by using all four of the
above.  In fact, we had a lot of fun in NM.  I loved walking through NM!!

It was my fault the only time we did get misplaced and walked a mile in the
wrong direction.  We were following an old 2-track and I kept looking for
our turn which never came.  Taylor kept telling me something was wrong, but
I was sure we were right and kept walking....I was wrong!!   It took walking
a mile away from the mountain I knew we were supposed to be heading towards
before I stopped to figure out what was wrong.  We backtracked and found an
unmarked cross country route.  Even that was fun....and educational for
me....and I still hear about it from Taylor.  :0)

I'm not sure what you would call it for the CDT, but I've got the equivalent
of Springer Fever really bad waiting on this year's walk to begin. :-)

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