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Pie Town fever? Since it's the  first town common to JLey, CDTA, & CDTS 
routes I believe. I have writer's  cramp from writing those letters on so many 
maps and guidebook pages. I'll  certainly need 2 pieces of pie, and probably 
3, to alleviate the cramps --  besides there's nothing else to do there 
except eat pie & drink  coffee.
Bob  "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
Naturalized Citizen - Republic  of Texas

"Government cripples you, then hands you a crutch and says,  'See, if it 
wasn't for us, you couldn't walk.' " -- Harry Browne

"If you  think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it 
costs when its  free." -- P J O'Rourke

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I'm not sure what you would call it for  the CDT, but I've got the 
equivalent of Springer Fever really bad waiting on  this year's walk to begin. :-)
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