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David - In southern New Mexico - particularly - if you have the means (friends, support or whatever) - cache gallon jugs of Walmart or convenience store water and GPS them with a waypoint on your way to a particular segment... or Yogie them from passers-by; the locals may seem a little intimidating in their pick-up trucks with dogs in the back, but they have soft, kind hearts behind the rancher/cowboy look. Even the US Border Patrol will give you water without asking for an ID.  I hope I didn't offend any purists. Minimart

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Hi All, 

I too was wondering about this.

I prefer navigating using maps to guidebooks so was keen to try and just use the Ley maps. To keep things simple as well.

One area where I felt I might run into trouble without the guide books was finding and planning for water sources. Can anyone comment?


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